DAIYA-inn Ryokan in kyoto

Main-inn Daiya-ryokan

New-inn Enishi

Annex-inn Chita

DAIYA runs the hotel business in the ground of Kyoto Higashi Honganji for approximately 100 years.  Main-inn Daiya-ryokan, New-inn Enishi, Annex-inn Chita operated by DAIYA corporation. The present statue is the third.

Please enjoy Japanese-style hospitality and service. It is the place that is more convenient for sightseeing in around five minutes on foot from Kyoto Station.

It is the inn where is staying overnight without meals, is popular among a youth and people of back Packard and so on.


Sincerely Regards,

H.Inada  DAIYA corporation

Daiya, kyoto higashihonnganjI-Temple

Phone 075-371-3987
Fax 075-361-5555